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January 28, 2014



Your honesty about your own personal struggles with mental illness is appreciated. This topic hits home on a lot of levels and you make some very clear points. Living in Manitoba, the struggles are similar to what you describe in Alberta. The stigma is one thing, but the lack of support is another. Only the strong survive when navigating this horrible "system", which is ironic since most patients requiring the "system" are at their weakest moments. It's an atrocity when anyone is affected by the lack of supports but is heart breaking when your child suffers the results of not having enough or appropriate supports. I agree...let's talk about the REAL problems out there and the effects they have on a family, an individual. Hope is there somewhere, I think, but some days, it's tough to see. Thank you for your contributions to making the real issues come to the surface. My only wish....that your wife's practice be available to us here in Manitoba...we need more gems like her!

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